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Our many years of experience, work ethic and reliability make us the perfect partner for your brand.

Our comprehensive offer

Shop Furniture

We manufacture such furniture as: gondolas, free-standing furniture, original shop counters, wall-mounted buildings, shop shelves, shop racks, shop windows and shop display equipment.

Designing and shaping
commercial space 

Our scope includes: preparation of design documentation,  construction, electrical installations, water and sewage installations, ventilation installations and air conditioners, furniture production and installation in the facility, lighting accessories and elements, other utility and decorative articles

Office furniture

We manufacture and distribute such furniture as: desks, shelves and bookcases, chairs, shelves, containers, lockers, tables.


st. Łazy 16, 43-170 Laziska Gorne, Silesia, Poland

+48 32 307 22 32

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